About Us

Welcome to Kebab World Benfleet Kebab and Pizza Takeaway official website.  We are honoured to serve best kebabs and pizzas to our customers based in Benfleet, Essex. 

In Roman times the reclaimed area which is now Canvey Island was joined to the mainland by a road providing access from Benfleet at low tides to Camulodunum (Colchester) and Londinium (London). The A130 road from Sadlers Farm roundabout to Canvey Island follows the route of the original Roman road. Its construction in 1971 brought to light a number of artifacts dating back to the early settlements in the area.

We are specialised in providing  Kebabs and Pizzas to customers in Benfleet. Why don't you try our best  kebabs along side with freshly cut salads?  With our  5 star hygiene rating you would not be disappointed with the quality no matter if you order kebabs or pizzas from our website. We can deliver to your house or work place or if you wish to treat a friend or buy lunch for your kids we would be here to help you no matter how big or small your order is.

If you are a visitor you should visit our kebab and pizza takeaway before or after you visit Benfleet. Either Cycle along the 6-mile De Neumann Way from Benfleet to Leigh-on-Sea,  visit Hadleigh Castle, take a trip to Canvey Island and stroll the seafront, Southend-on-Sea is just 10 miles to the east and offers plenty of seaside fun and attractions, Southend Central Museum and Planetarium includes interesting displays of local history in the area.

From our website you can order kebabs, pizzas,  wraps, burgers, kids menu and even soft drinks along side with your dinner.

Once you select the food you want to order you will have the facility to configure your requirements and place a note for our chefs.  Finally you can click Order button to submit your dinner to us by selecting if you wish to have the dinner delivered to your door or collect from our take away? Then you will have facility to register or process the order with guest checkout. We recommend you to register for once and use our system in future or download our app to your smart devices. You may also reorder your regular food once you have registered.

Please feel free to contact us if you require further assistance or order over the phone. We do accept cash or online payments.